Part of „Cohesion“, an exhibition prepared by students of Mirosław Bałka Studio of Spatial Activities.

Documentation of the exhibition on Vimeo by Mikołaj Syguda.

Detailed review of the exhibition by Oskar Chmioła in polish. writes:

An exhibition prepared by students of Mirosław Bałka Space Activities Atelier, New Media and Stage Design Department of Fine Arts Academy, Warsaw.

Young artists will make an attempt to identify and adapt the space of Nowy Teatr hall, bearing in mind its changing function from industrial hall to theatre space. Students are using a variety of media, such as video, installation, sculpture, etc., they draw attention to the social and political problems that occur during the process of transformation.

Title of the exhibition is „cohesion,“ or the phenomenon of resistance by physical bodies, subjected to separation into parts.

Coordination: prof. Mirosław Bałka, assistant: Karolina Kubik.