Although I focused mostly on commercial work in the recent years, I did a couple of shorts and documentaries before (new projects are in the making, but pssst for now). Feel free to check out some of those projects below.


Imago Krzysia

A film portrait of the polish performer, painter and educator Krzysztof Jung (1951-1998). My sister and I tried to capture the phenomenon of Jung’s personality, who fascinated people in his environment, through the passion he had for everything he did. A rather personal project.


Forcing Function

A short film about technology, a second euro-crisis and an app that changes everything.

My master of arts project and manifestation of my ongoing interest in why privacy matters.



With the idea for a new project Adam surfs in the apparent anonymity of the internet. His goal: to break through this anonymity, by meeting a person from one of the countless video chatrooms, in which you can “next” a partner by a mouse-click, in real life. Adam – armed with a camcorder – begins his journey from Warsaw to a meeting in Berlin, not knowing yet how much further his little project will bring him.


A Game

A Game is a record of a situation arranged by Artur Żmijewski. The eponymous game is played out between the group of “Poles”, students of Warsaw’s Academy, and “Germans” – artists living in Berlin. The only rule: communication is non-verbal. Żmijewski creates a situation which unleashes aggression and gestures a sense of threat among the participants.


The girl and the little boy

The film tells the story of a rational lawyer who begins a discussion with a girl that claims to be the owner of the sun.

Right out of highschool, this was my proper first project. I certainly learned a lot during this shoot.